Friday, March 28, 2014

My Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable

If you haven't heard of a "Home Management Binder" or "Control Journal"... I'll give a quick overview. They are the same thing, just with different names. All around the internet you have people calling their "binder" one name or the other. The Control Journal name stems from FlyLady. I'm not sure where the Home Management Binder name came from.

Both of these are binders that are full of schedules, charts, and task lists to help keep order in your home. They are meant to help you organize your life and help you keep your home clean and orderly.
My mom is a FlyLady fan. She introduced me to the website several years ago. Don't get me wrong, the system is fantastic... if you will open it up everyday and look at it. I won't. I'm just too busy with life and my kids.

My Cleaning Schedule is Different

I've created something quite different than you will see everywhere else, because I like to have things visible. I like to see everything all at once.

On one single sheet of paper, I have a whole month of "Daily To-Dos", Weekly checklist, Monthly checklist, Quarterly checklist, Semi-Annual checklist, and a Yearly checklist. 

Since it is a single sheet of paper, I am saving paper (eco-friendly) and I have everything visible. I slide my single sheet of paper into a clear sheet protector, & clip it onto a clipboard.

I walk around the house with my clipboard and check off stuff as I get it done. This works for me.

Since it is in a sheet protector, I can erase the "Daily To-Do Tasks" at the end of each month, my weekly checklist can be wiped each week, etc.

At the top of mine, I have 2 bible verses that I feel are fitting for inspiration. I have the normal tasks I have to do and the stuff I often forget about (changing furnace filters). In the weekly section, I have added checking the boys' fingernails...well, because their nails grow so fast. They are like baby wolverines, I just check them weekly and clip if needed.

I plan on attaching some magnetic stripping to the back of my clipboard, so that it can "live" on my refrigerator, giving me easy access to it any time of the day.

I just wanted to share because I know a lot of people struggle with maintaining order in their homes. Home Management Binders / Control Journals may or may not work for you. If they do, great. I'm sure this chart could find a home in your binder too. If not, well my system might be helpful.

Here are the links to download them:

My Cleaning Schedule (filled out)

Cleaning Schedule (Blank Template)

Let me know what you think!



  1. Nice layout. I do pretty good with the daily cleaning. It's the crap that needs to be done monthly or less that I don't enjoy (cleaning baseboards and curtains, washing windows, etc.)


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