Saturday, April 5, 2014

WalkMS 2014 - Toledo, OH

Cas Nolan (1), Me, Holly, Melinda, Cade (3), and Ashley

Obviously, I have been doing a terrible job at staying up-to-date on the blog. I have all kinds of things that I could write about, or should write about... but I don't. I'm just busy. I know y'all read my blog, because I get a lot of emails from He Has MS fans, and inquiries about a lot of different things.

I guess I just want you guys to know that I do care about you, but I just write on my blog when I have availability... and I respond to emails when I have free-time, which lately... isn't too often. So, I apologize for that.

ANYWAYS... with all of that aside: 

Here's some pictures from the WalkMS event in my city!

I'm like 95% sure that we were the last walkers for the 5 mile stretch... better late than never, right?

Me (Left), Holly pushing Cade in the stroller

Holly with her "MS" Facepaint. 

Her other cheek said "Marcus"

Ash & her cute  butterfly face paint. 

You can't see it, but the butterfly wings say "MS"

Me & Cade (after the walk)

Holly (Orange Backpack), Me in the black jacket (far right)

Plus... a group of people on their way back to the finish line... 
I told you we were the last walkers!

Cade's face paint.. Umm- He was a pirate. lol 

Cas Nolan 'strolls' for MS

Look at those eyes! 

Cheetos Mascot! 

I'm not sure if this guy was a walker or a volunteer. 

Cade thought he was awesome, though! 

Reminder to self: 

Walking 5 miles in converse isn't the greatest idea.
Your feet will hurt! Buy some athletic tennis shoes next time.

Just me. 

I have no idea why my eyes look like that. 
I guess I was tired? Probably. I'm usually tired. 
Moving on...

Melinda & I

Me & Melinda

Here we are... walking... 

Cade Monster with his rock collection. 

He decided he was going to collect rocks during the WalkMS event. He was rather fond of them... 
He's still building with them a week later. 

This WalkMS event was alright, I guess...

 I'd do some stuff differently next year (like buy some proper shoes). 

Overall- we supported a cause we are all passionate about. 

That's all that matters.


P.S. Cade had his birthday party the day before the walk, so I will do a post on that soon. :)


  1. Oh I love pictures! You have very cute boys and I really like the butterfly face paint. :)


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